Marc R. Harrison - TM Martial Arts


Marc R. Harrison

Self-Defense Instructor

Mr. Marc Harrison has experience in: Combat Hapkido, ICHF ground survival, Ju Jitsu, grappling, MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), Muay Thai Kickboxing, JLFS American Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do and Police Defensive Tactics. Mr. Harrison holds a 1st degree blackbelt in JLFS kickboxing.

Mr. Marc is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps infantry and has extensive experience in: Military Operations in Urban Terrain, defensive tactics, detainee handling/personnel searches and tactical pistol, rifle and shotgun safety and employment. He has trained foreign military and police in several countries.

Mr. Marc’s experience is a welcome addition to our C.O.B.R.A. (Combat Objective Battle Ready Application) Self Defense Program where he is a certified Martial Arts Instructor.