Karis Brody - TM Martial Arts

Karis Brody

Martial Arts Program Director

Ms. Karis Brody joined TM Martial Arts in 2010 as a student in the fitness Kickboxing program. She has participated in the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Academy, and trains in our Combat Hapkido and TaeKwonDo programs. Since joining, Karis has taken the leadership role in marketing, event management and new member enrollments.  Her bright, welcoming personality and professional experience coordinating events while directing traffic here at TM is invaluable.

Ms. Karis has experience in writing curriculum and developing leadership programs for children and teens.  Her contributions to building the Leadership Program and managing the Demo Team have been significant in building a more effective and exciting experience for our students and staff.  She has also helped develop, promote and work with schools to provide an Anti-Bullying Assembly for all grades and educational facilities.

As Martial Arts Program Director, Ms. Karis will answer any questions, set up tours of our studio, or schedule a special event like Ladies’ Night Out martial arts event for your group. She would truly love to help you find your place at TM Martial Arts!

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