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TaeKwonDo Martial Arts Class

Photo of students in Taekwondo Martial Arts Class

For ages 6 and up. Our TaeKwonDo martial arts class curriculum is the technique of unarmed combat for self-defense. Values such as respect, integrity, and discipline are standard protocol.

We offer an excellent environment for students and parents to train. Our students encourage each other to progress in belt ranking and gain the benefits of martial arts training as a team. The qualities developed are positive leadership, self-protection, as well as physical and mental fitness.

Unique to our TaeKwonDo curriculum, students learn reality-based self-defense, as well as ground survival skills. These teachings come straight from the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Program.

What can I expect from a TaeKwonDo Martial Arts Class? 

At every TaeKwonDo class, students are greeted by an experienced black belt instructor. TM’s curriculum is specially designed to teach confidence, self-discipline, and control. We believe in praise and positive reinforcement to develop good habits. A taekwondo class can be the catalyst to learning valuable skills in life and the martial arts. In addition to discipline, this includes great report cards, chores around the home, and showing respect. You can track these habits on a Self-Discipline sheet, turn into your instructor, and be rewarded for your progress.

Finally, TM’s curriculum raises kids of good character. At the end of every TaeKwonDo class, students participate in a “mat chat” where you will explore character skills such as responsibility, integrity, and self-control.

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Your free TaeKwonDo martial arts class awaits.

Take this opportunity and create memories that will last a lifetime! From self-discipline to physical fitness, one session can and will change your life. The people you meet will have a positive impact. As a result, the benefits of TM Martial Art’s TaeKwonDo martial arts class are endless.

In addition, you will meet other like-minded martial arts enthusiasts and immerse yourself in the culture. The well-rounded teachings at TM martial arts deliver these awesome benefits in every session. Furthermore, our classes are convenient and affordable. If you are in Plainfield, Shorewood or Crest Hill, our Joliet location is conveniently located for all.