Little Ninjas Kids Martial Arts Class from TM Martial Arts!

Little Ninjas Martial Arts Class

A kids martial arts class called Little Ninjas in session at TM Martial Arts

The incredible benefits of a kids martial arts class are endless. The well-rounded Little Ninja class at TM Martial Arts delivers these awesome benefits in every session!

Little Ninjas (3 1/2-6yrs) is a specialized kids’ martial arts class developed for young children. The Little Ninja curriculum focuses on age-appropriate martial arts, life skills, character development, and fitness. While progressing in belt ranking, Little Ninjas develop control of what they say, how they feel, and what they do physically. Kids love to play, and kids martial arts training at TM Martial Arts is the ultimate play. Our classes build discipline and character skills, serving the little tykes well into the future.

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A yellow belt student enrolled in our kids martial arts classCircle of kids martial arts class sitting on matLittle Ninjas instructor with student in kids martial arts class

 Every time you bring your child to Little Ninjas, he/she will be greeted by an experienced black belt instructor. Your child will enjoy the curriculum that is specially designed to teach confidence, self-discipline, and control.

The best Kids Martial Arts Class in the Joliet/Plainfield area!

We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement for good habits. This starts with helping around the home and showing respect to family members. So we provide each family with a list of helpful “student home rules.”

Every class focuses on a specific skill, such as Fitness, Coordination, Focus, and Teamwork. At the end of class, students receive a stripe on their belt for participating. When they receive all their participation stripes for that cycle, they promote to the next belt level. This is how we partner with families to raise kids of good character and self-control.

A kids martial arts class can be a game-changer, and the benefits last long after leaving our facility. Learn more about the lifelong lessons of martial arts training in our blog post, 7 Ways Martial Arts Will Transform Your Child.  In addition, call TM Martial Arts for a free lesson and see how we can transform your child!