Little Ninjas Kids Martial Arts Class from TM Martial Arts!

Little Ninjas Martial Arts Class for Kids

A kids martial arts class called Little Ninjas in session at TM Martial Arts

Little Ninjas is a specialized martial arts class designed for young children between the ages of a 3 ½ and 6 years old. The curriculum focuses on martial arts, life skills, fitness, and character development. If you make the smart decision to sign your child up for Little Ninjas at TM Martial Arts, you’ll find that they become more active, gain self-confidence and self-respect, learn conflict resolution, and develop new friendships.



What Can My Child Expect From a Little Ninjas Class?

Once your child arrives for their Little Ninjas class, they’ll be greeted by a friendly and experienced black belt instructor. The instructor will use positive reinforcement and praise to encourage your child to do their best. Each class will focus on a special skill that will help your child develop good habits outside of the class environment.

At the end of class, your child will receive a stripe on their belt for their participating. When they receive all of their participation stripes for a cycle, they will be promoted to the next belt level.


A yellow belt student enrolled in our kids martial arts classCircle of kids martial arts class sitting on matLittle Ninjas instructor with student in kids martial arts class


Give Your Child the Gift of Black Belt Excellence

A martial arts class for kids is a proven way to help your child get in great shape, have fun and improve their behavior while learning practical self-defense  and life skills. To give your child the opportunity to reap the benefits of martial arts, sign them up for a Little Ninjas class today. You’ll find that it’s one of the best gifts you could give them.