Combat Hapkido Class from TM Martial Arts in Joliet, Illinois

Combat Hapkido Class

Two students engaged in defensive techniques in a combat hapkido class

Are you looking to build superior physical and mental strength through a modern self-defense system? One that is both effective in realistic situations and enjoyable to learn? If so, a Combat Hapkido class at TM Martial Arts is right for you.

Our curriculum focuses on gaining control of an opponent through non-resisting movements and force redirection. In the Combat Hapkido Class at TM Martial Arts, we place a significant emphasis on footwork, distractive striking, and body positioning. In addition, students learn:



What Can I Expect From a Combat Hapkido Class?

When you step foot into a Combat Hapkido class, you’ll start with warm-up exercises and light stretching. Once you complete the warm-up, you’ll be paired with another student who has a similar experience and skill level.

Since a large percentage of attacks originate when both people are on their feet, this unique class offers a variety of self-defense moves from the standing, strong position. Although grappling moves are involved in Combat Hapkido, the goal is to get up and out of the assailant’s control, and back to the standing position.

Then, you’ll practice effective techniques while our experienced black belt instructors guide you through the movements. In time, you’ll advance through belt levels and become proficient in this unique form of martial arts.

Students engaged in a combat hapkido class in Joliet

Try A Combat Hapkido Class at TM Martial Arts

At TM Martial Arts, we take great pride in teaching our Combat Hapkido students the most practical and effective self-defense techniques. We are dedicated to empowering you with the mindset, skills, and ability you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

You will meet the team, get a taste of the action, and be confident you are making a wise investment of your time and effort. Furthermore, you will meet other like-minded martial artists and receive the best combat hapkido class training in the suburbs.