Combat Hapkido Class from TM Martial Arts in Joliet, Illinois

Combat Hapkido Class


For ages 13 and older. Combat Hapkido class is focused solely on self-defense and developed by Grandmaster John Pelligrini. It is ultra-effective for real world scenarios. This realistic and versatile discipline of close quarter self-protection includes an extensive variety of moves. This ranges from joint locks, kicks, and strikes, to pressure points and grappling. Furthermore, it includes weapons disarming techniques and close-quarter defensive techniques.

Best Combat Hapkido Class in Plainfield/Joliet area!

Our well-rounded curriculum also includes ground survival and sparring skills. In addition, you receive training with a comprehensive self-defense system. Techniques are enjoyable to learn, safe to practice, as well as very effective. Men and women of all fitness levels and physical strength can participate in combat hapkido class. Athletic abilities are not essential for success!

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Two participants of TM Martial Arts combat hapkido class in action

What can I expect? 

Combat Hapkido class starts with warm-up exercises and light stretching. Students are paired with another student of similar experience/ranking.

They practice effective techniques while black belt instructors guide you through the movements. As a result, our curriculum is designed to advance you through belt levels and gain proficiency in the art.

Regardless of rank, expect to take away a simple life-saving technique from every session.


As a result, our curriculum is designed to advance you through belt levels and gain proficiency in the art.

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