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Choosing the right dojo is the martial artist’s most important decision.

The right instructor and martial arts studio can make the difference in your interest in joining.  At TM Martial Arts we have a growing history of producing fine martial artists as well as up and coming leaders in the Joliet area. We opened our doors in Joliet in 2003 and look to help each student that comes through our doors reach their full potential.

There is no singular path in martial arts. Choosing among the many martial arts studios is the martial artist’s most important decision. One should seek a school that provides a balance between art and function. What you will find at TM Martial Arts is a perfectly symmetrical mixed martial arts curriculum. Years of experience wrapped in effective instruction to help you develop exceptional martial arts skills.

Our martial arts studio teaches:


TM teaches street scenario self-defense, appropriate for both beginners and experts. Our martial arts studio is located at 3480 W. Caton Farm Rd, Joliet. Stop by and say hello, or schedule a free introductory class online today!


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For more information on our classes and to learn even more benefits of TM Martial Arts, which include discipline, focus, integrity, self-protection, and fitness, call us at 815-254-6141 and ask to speak with Ms. Karis.  She will find the class best fit to meet your expectations and goals. As well as a workout, you’ll meet our instructors and get an inside look to see if we are a match for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you!