Anti-Bully Assemblies & Education presented by TM Martial Arts

Image for anti-bully assemblies for the martial arts team to perform

Anti-Bully Assemblies are the first step to preventing bullying on campus.  

TM Martial Arts offer a fun, engaging and fast-paced presentation with proven anti-bullying techniques and entertaining demonstrations.  Our Anti-Bully Assemblies raise awareness, improve morale and teach valuable life lessons that give your students the confidence to prevent bullying at your school.

We address this problem head on by defining what behaviors are acceptable or not, group dynamics, and how one student standing up against bullying can empower others to do the same. The confidence is contagious and inspiring. Furthermore, students themselves can create a learning environment that every student feels safe and welcome in.

Our Anti-Bully Assemblies cover:

  • Define Bullying and Harassment
  • Role Play
  • Appropriate Responses to Bullying
  • Bystander Action/Group Mentality
  • How Martial Arts teaches respect for others

Assemblies are approximately one hour long and taught by a C.O.B.R.A. self-defense certified instructor. In addition, our assemblies promote self-worth, discipline, and good citizenry. These are life skills that never lose value.

Request info through our Contact page or call (815) 254-6141 to book one of our Anti-Bully Assemblies. The confidence and the knowledge your students and staff learn will be invaluable throughout the rest of their lives.



We specialize in anti-bully assemblies for students of all ages. These are instructional and motivational presentations on self-defense and self-worth. Led by Master Tim Harrison, TM Martial Arts demonstrates the power of a positive behavior and builds confidence as a whole.

Our values of knowledge, honesty, and strength are the pillars to building successful anti-bullying programs. Learn more about our program by contacting Karis Brody at TM today.

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