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December Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There are lots of reasons students enroll in martial arts training. Whether it’s a college student wanting to learn self-defense techniques or parents wanting their child to develop some self-confidence, students often have short term goals in mind. But what they learn along the way is Read More

October Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

The Power of Setting Goals!

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Zig Ziglar

Goal-setting is a major component to training at TM Martial Arts. Setting both short term and long term goals are key ingredients to Read More

September Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

It’s All About Impacting Lives!

We always teach our students that there is more to martial arts than learning punches and kicks. We teach martial arts because we know it’s all about impacting lives! The past couple months, our Leadership Club students have been reading through a book called “Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence,” by Doug Cook. The book gives a rich history of the art of Taekwondo. It also explains how its lessons apply to daily life.

Take a look at some of the lessons our students learned from reading this book…

Read More

August Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

When Hard Work Pays Off!

At every class, we coach our students to train with Black Belt Excellence. That means putting forth 100% effort in everything they do. But, did you know our instructors train with Black Belt Excellence too? They know that focus and dedication pay off! This month we recognize some honorable accomplishments right here among our staff! Read More

July Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

Build Confident Kids This Summer!

Being a kid is tough. Being a teenager can be even tougher! With unfamiliar changes to body and emotions, pesky insecurities often develop too. If you have teens in the house, you can support their journey into adulthood by enrolling them in martial arts classes. Here are the ways martial arts can Read More

June Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

SpotlightYour Best Summer Yet!

Summertime is finally here! Swimming, camping, and BBQs might be some of the fun things on your calendar. But what if you could take this summer to next level? What if you could have fun AND become a stronger, faster, more confident person too? Razor sharp mental focus and physical accuracy don’t just happen by accident. Read More

May Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017


Congrats On A Great School Year!

As school wraps up, we want to say CONGRATS on a great school year! Our students have seen tremendous growth both on and off the mats. Parents often tell us how their children have better focus at school and improved behavior at home. And they credit these life skills to their children’s martial arts training! Read More

April Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

SpotlightLeaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made!

At TM Martial Arts, we focus on developing leadership skills among students of every age. We know that leadership skills impact every area of life, helping kids stay immune to negative peer pressure, enabling students to accomplish academic and/or athletic goals, even equipping adults to excel in the workplace. But it all starts with intentional leadership training. And that’s what our program delivers at TM Martial Arts!

One of our TaeKwonDo students has seen tremendous Read More

March Kickin Newsletter – 2017


You Get What You Put In!

erik 2What’s luck got to do with it? The harder you work, the luckier you get! That’s because hard work is eventually followed by great reward. This month, our instructors noticed one particular student who was going the extra mile. Read More

February Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017


Why Do Families LOVE Karate?

At TM Martial Arts, training in karate is more than simply learning a few punches and kicks. It’s more than flashy spins or self-defense techniques. Our students receive all that plus SO MUCH MORE when they come to class at TM Martial Arts! Read More

January Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017


The Power of Written Goals!

What a great year we have had at TM Martial Arts! The TM Martial Arts family has grown leaps and bounds. Many of our students have set their goal all the way to 2nd degree black belt, and by joining Leadership Club, they will enjoy all the advanced skill training and academic leadership experience needed to reach those goals. What are YOU hoping to accomplish this year? How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution, just to watch your resolve fizzle after a few weeks? What’s the key to crossing the finish line? What about kids? How do you instill a strong sense of commitment within your children, so that they grow up accomplishing all that they set out to do? Read More

December Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Give The Gift Of Karate!

If there’s one thing we know for absolute sure it’s that the opportunity to train in martial arts is the gift that keeps on giving. Why? Because the programs at TM Martial Arts are specially designed to grow img_7145a person as a whole! Students of every age are certainly challenged PHYSICALLY, and they find themselves developing more speed, power, flexibility and coordination. But they are also challenged MENTALLY, as they improve focus, attention, memory and awareness skills. On top of all that, a significant piece of our program develops important LIFE SKILLS, such as self-discipline, good habits at home and school, and leadership among peers. The direct result is a well-rounded person who is confident, goal-oriented, and immune to negative peer pressure. Read More

November Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


It’s More Than Punching and Kicking!

Martial Arts training involves more than punching and kicking. It’s a whole-person experience, developing life skills and good habits within each student. One of the important life skills it teaches is goal-setting and follow through. Last month, we were honored to welcome Grandmaster Jeff Smith, 7 time World Karate Champion, to inspire us to reach for world-class goals! Read More

October Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Leadership In Action!

Becoming a great leader takes time, practice and a plethora of skills. However, you don’t have to take classes in leadership to develop the traits and abilities most often associated with positions of authority. Martial arts can also teach such skills. And they can be put into practice anywhere you go! Read More

September Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Set Your Goal To Blackbelt!

Just as a pilot controls an airplane, you control the achievement of your goals. You must take the responsibility to perform the necessary steps to be successful. You must try to do your best in martial arts class, to kick strong and punch quickly. You must study and do your homework to achieve good grades in school. YOU are the pilot, and you are in charge of becoming the best Black Belt-minded person you’re able to be.

The skills you learn as a martial arts student on your way to black belt will serve you well in EVERY area of your life. Read More

August Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Start School Strong!

The incredible thing about martial arts training is that it impacts more than a person’s physical ability. It also improves mental skills, such as focus, memory, and self-confidence! Whether you are a young student heading back to school or an adult out in the work force…training in martial arts will have a positive impact in nearly every area of your life! But don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the things our current members are saying…

“At TM Martial Arts my girls have learned more than just self-defense. They’ve learned discipline, respect, and most importantly they have gained self confidence.” ~Yesenia Barajas

“My boys and I have been training at TM Martial Arts for 3 years. It’s very structured. It’s teaching them discipline. They love it, I love it. It’s sometimes harder for me because I’m older. But I’m sticking with it until I get my black belt and higher. TM Martial Arts rules!” ~Shannon Wolf Read More

July Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


What’s The Big Deal About Being A Black Belt?

Here at TM Martial Arts, you’ll hear us talk a lot about setting goals for Black Belt and beyond. We encourage our students to live with Black Belt Excellence, to display Black Belt Attitude, and to continually strive to earn their Black Belt. Why? Because we know how incredibly fulfilling the journey to Black Belt can be! The life lessons learned and the physical/mental challenges that are overcome along the way develop character, strength, confidence, and integrity within each student who dedicates himself to the process. Throughout the month of July, we will share video testimonials from some of our Black Belt students and instructors. We hope their stories will inspire all of our students to set their goal to Black Belt and beyond! It is said that a Black Belt is really a White Belt that never gave up! We know this to be true. We also find that Black Belt students are immune to negative peer pressure, become leaders in their schools, display overwhelming confidence in the workplace, and pretty much make an impact in every area of their lives. So, what’s the big deal about being a Black Belt? Read More

June Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


3 Reasons Summer Is The Perfect Time For Karate!

Beautiful weather inspires people to get out and get active! Just think about those sunny days! It seems everyone is lacing up their running shoes, hitting the parks, or heading off for a swim. Summer is also the perfect time for training in karate! Here are three great reasons students should train in martial arts during the summer: Read More

Let’s Talk About Teamwork!

Let’s Talk About Teamwork!

The weather is warming up! And families are beginning to plan their calendar for warm weather activities. We are so glad you have chosen TM Martial Arts as part of you child’s weekly activity. As you know, the benefits of martial arts are countless!

Teamwork day is a favorite among our Little Ninjas! Read More

May Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


It Just Keeps Getting Better!

The TM Martial Arts family is growing by leaps and bounds! And that means we’ll continue to offer more class options, exciting enhanced curriculum, and so much more! Stop by the reception desk to pick up your copy of the new summer class schedule. And buckle your seat belts, because we are in for an exciting summer here at TM Martial Arts! Read on for more details…

Read More

April Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016

Kickin_Newsletter_BannerStep Inside the Action!

As the weather warms up, TM Martial Arts becomes very active out in the community! In March, we participated in the Chamber of Commerce Business Expos for both Joliet and Plainfield. The TM Martial Arts Demonstration Team kicked off their 2016 season with several community performances. We offered self-defense workshops, welcomed a Girl Scout troop to come learn about safety, and launched our spring session of COBRA Fit Kickboxing!

Read More

March Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Producing the Community’s Finest!

We would like to give special recognition to three of our very own beloved instructors! Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Sikes, Mr. Andrew Kohrt, and Ms. Gabby Vergara for qualifying for…

Read More

February Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016


Why Do We LOVE Karate?

At TM Martial Arts, we recognize that training in karate is more than simply learning a few punches and kicks. It’s more than flashy spins or smart self-defense techniques. Indeed, these skills are woven into our ongoing curriculum…but our students receive SO MUCH MORE from training at TM Martial Arts!

Read More

January Kickin’ Newsletter – 2016

Kickin_Newsletter_BannerWrapping Up A Great Year

It’s been a great year at TM Martial Arts! December marked the end of our first full year in our new facility on W. Caton Farm Road. In the past 12 months we have added many new families to our student body, participated in lots of community events, and hosted some exciting workshops and seminars right on our mats. We have truly enjoyed watching our students learn and grow over the past year.

Read More

October Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

October Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the fun activities, events, and exciting accomplishments at TM Martial Arts! Read all about it in the following Kickin’ Newsletter…


Something To Celebrate

We have jumped into Fall with both feet! And there’s a lot to celebrate.

On September 29th, the Plainfield Chamber of Commerce helped us celebrate our new facility with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Many new students, who joined our basic program this summer, have continued to learn, grow, and promote to their first belts.

Our Black Belt Club members have set their goal to black belt and beyond, and they have enjoyed advanced training at the end of some of their classes. Read More

September Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

September Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the fun activities, events, and exciting accomplishments at TM Martial Arts! Read all about it in the following Kickin’ Newsletter…

Kickin_Newsletter_Banner4th Annual Theresa Lang Memorial 5k

TheresaThank You: We want to say a special THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, runners, participants, and sponsors for another successful Theresa Lang Memorial 5k event on August 8, 2015!

Why We Run: Theresa Lang first joined TM Martial Arts in 2006. She participated in Self-Defense courses, Fitness Kickboxing, and eventually enrolled in our Martial Arts program where she studied Combat Hapkido and TaeKwonDo. But Theresa became most passionate about or JLFS Kickboxing program, where she attained her first degree black belt in November, 2011. Theresa was a well-respected student and friend at TM Martial Arts who positively touched every life she met. She was also an extremely skilled massage therapist who founded the growing TMMA Ultimate Spa. TM Martial Arts lost a dear friend with her passing in December of 2011. She is remembered most for her fighting spirit and her winning smile. TM Martial Arts honored her memory by offering all net proceeds of this year’s race to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. Read More

August Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

August Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015

Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the fun activities, events, and exciting accomplishments at TM Martial Arts! Read all about it in the following Kickin’ Newsletter…

Kickin_Newsletter_BannerMartial Arts Will Develop Your Focus

Focus is a skill just like any other, such as writing your name or solving arithmetic problems. Focus is a set of behaviors that you can improve with the right coaching and motivation. As a martial arts student, you’re able to participate in a process that will develop your focus.

The biggest misunderstanding about focus is that it’s a “natural” skill, much like athletic or musical skills. The mistaken thinking is that if you weren’t born with it, you will never be a focused person. Martial arts students around the work have proven that to be a false assumption. The ability to focus in your academic and martial arts classrooms, on your homework, chores and martial arts practice can be developed. In other words, you can progress from poor focus to excellent focus skills. Read More

July Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015


July Kickin’ Newsletter

Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the fun activities, events, and exciting accomplishments at TM Martial Arts! Read all about it in the following Kickin’ Newsletter…


Kickin_Newsletter_BannerWhy Martial Artists Don’t Find Themselves in Trouble

All martial arts have two important features: self-defense and character-building. Anyone can fight if he or she is angry enough. But to use their body effectively as a weapon takes training and time.

Correct martial arts training prepares the mind and body to respond to unexpected situations. A good martial artist tends to be as much an expert at avoiding confrontations as dealing with them. Most martial artists are not looking for a fight, nor do they adopt habits that make them easy targets. It’s a bit like the “predator” effect. In nature, most predatory animals do not hunt other predators. It is not safe or easy. Human criminals and violence-prone individuals realize that other predators are not easy pickings, so they seek easier targets (most of the time). Read More

June Kickin’ Newsletter – 2015


June Kickin’ Newsletter

Now it’s easy to stay up-to-date on the fun activities, events, and exciting accomplishments at TM Martial Arts! Read all about it in the following Kickin’ Newsletter…





Kierra Ruiz is a student in our Combat Hapkido program. She has worked her way up to earning her Orange belt. Outside the studio, Kierra is just as impressive! This past month, she graduated from Plainfield Central High School with a 5.0 GPA! Kierra has many accomplishments under her belt. She participated in Cross Country, Track, Marching Band, and Wind Ensemble, which is her school’s most elite band. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Wildcat Athletic Leadership Club, and she was named winner of this year’s Student Council Scholarship! Kierra plans to attend the University of St. Francis in the fall to study nursing.

We caught up with Kierra this week to talk about her amazing accomplishments. She told us how martial arts training has helped her succeed in life. “It took me out of my comfort zone and taught me people skills, confidence, how to try something new, and how to show respect.” Kierra plans to continue training at TM Martial Arts, even while she attends college. Her advice to other students: “Don’t give up, even when it’s hard! Work hard and listen to your instructors. They know best.” Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments, Kierra!

Caton Farm


Look Who Joined the TM Martial Arts Family!

Anthony Silva, Aidan Minger, Isaiah Gutierrez, Kristy Vargo, Brieanna Gul, Mason Vollmer, Broklyn Bettega, Blake Ford, Kayla Adams, Emily Eichholzer, Debbie Rodriquez, Ben Kiaunis, Amy Serrano, Hannah Picco, Joanie Policandriotes

Look Who Joined the TM Martial Arts Demo Team!

Anthony Ramirez


2015 Summer Camp copy

TLM 15

Registration is now open for the 4th Annual Theresa Lang Memorial 5k

Join us Saturday, August 8, 2015 at 8:00am for this certified and time chipped event! Enjoy some of the same trails that Theresa loved!

NEW THIS YEAR! – Register in groups of four to save more! Groups of 4 may register for $100 ($5 savings per person!)

ATTENTION RUN CLUB PRESIDENTS! Get your runners to register for this CARA certified event and your club could win $100! When registering at TLM 5k Online Registration, be sure to list your run club name. The club with the most registered runners by July 10, 2015 will win $100!

Questions? Call us at 1-815-254-6141 to speak with a Theresa Lang Memorial 5k committee member!