April Kickin' Newsletter - 2018 - TM Martial Arts

April Kickin’ Newsletter – 2018

Spring Into Action!

Springtime is a great time to take your training to an entirely new level.

The concept of springing into action may conjure thoughts of mental activity, but

by putting the correct spring into your step, you’ll find you can increase your physical ability as well. Physical activity is the key to health and prosperity, and the results are not only evident in your physical appearance. The more active you are, the healthier you will be mentally and spiritually too!

The pouncing speed of a mountain lion might come to mind when you think of explosive movement. Can humans be that quick too? The answer is YES! But it takes two things: the right perspective and the correct training. The drills your instructors have you practice in class help your muscle memory to be as quick as a mountain lion. As a martial artist, you should be consistent in your training. If you are, your results are limitless. The students below are doing just that!


Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts!

Samantha Guzman, Jazlin Guzman, Jayc’ion Henley, Dalyla Martinez, Preston Wyss, Avery Cancino, Kaiden Rosario, and Alexander Salgado

Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

Kassandra Theres, Josiah O. Taylor, Aliana Gonzalez, Maria Evers, Elena Evers, James Evers, Brooklyn Vernor, and Cameron Hill


You’ve Got Mail!

Parents! Please check your email this week for important student info for the March/April test cycle! We are halfway through our current block of curriculum, and we don’t want your student to miss any important testing/promotion details! (If you are NOT receiving our emails, please give us a call to update your contact info).

Tax Time Special!

It’s tax season! Why not put that Tax Return to good use? Pay off the rest of your tuition at TM Martial Arts and receive a 20% discount on your balance!

Investing into martial arts training is an investment into your student’s future! Because, the things they’ll gain….life skills, character building, confidence and leadership training….all these skills are priceless!!!

Hurry! Tax time special ends April 15, 2018. Call for more info…

(815) 254-6141 

Summer Skills Camp!

Advance a Belt Level in Two Weeks Through Over 20 Hours Of Intensive Camp Training!

*Accelerate Your Training
*Fun Games, Drills and Craft Activities
*Bonus Self-Defense/Anti-Bully Skills
*Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm with early drop-off & late pick-up available
*Attend 1 week to supplement your current training OR attend 2 weeks to advance an entire color belt level!
– WEEK ONE: July 23 – July 27
– WEEK TWO: July 30 – August 3
*Weekly Pool Day
*Martial Arts Skills include Board Breaking, Bo Staff, Nunchucks, and more!

Space is limited, so Register Today! Earlybird discount available through April 30th. Click the following link for online registration:

***Summer Skills Online Registration***





Wednesday April 18 – Black Belt Testing Forms Due!

Saturday April 21 – Come out and visit the TM Martial Arts booth at the CW Avery YMCA Healthy Kids event! Our Demo Team will perform at 11:00am

Wednesday April 25 – Color Belt Testing Forms Due!

Saturday April 28 –  School Black Belt Testing @11:00am

April 30 – May 4 – Color Belt Testing (by appointment only)

Saturday May 5 – Combat Hapkido Promotion Ceremony 8am, TKD/Super Ninjas/Little Ninjas Promotion Ceremony (Times based on rank)

Saturday May 12 – Black Belt Testing

Monday May 28 CLOSED for Memorial Day