November Kickin' Newsletter - 2017 - TM Martial Arts

November Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

What Are You Thankful For?

Students at TM Martial Arts have so much to be thankful for! At the end of October we celebrated color belt promotions for many of our outstanding students! Our formal promotion ceremonies are a special time to recognize all the hard work students put in, both on and off the mat. Students are awarded medals and trophies for tracking good habits at home. And they have the chance to showcase some of their skills to parents and other family members. We want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of our students who have reached short term goals along the way to earning their black belt! Thank you for choosing to train with us, and keep up the great work!

Belt Promotion 1

Combat Hapkido Students

Belt Promotion 2

Little Ninjas and Basic Program beginners

Belt Promotion 3

Level 1 Students

Belt Promotion 4

Level 2 & 3 Students




Look Who Joined TM Martial Arts!

Isaiah Ivy, Owen Haug, Austin Haug, Reed Haug, Daliah Cuevas, Armando Cuavas, Parker Ward, Jaime Weir, Jakob Wasilewski, Elliot Smith and Christopher Ward!

Look Who Committed to Black Belt Training!

Devon McLaurin and Ella Ambos

Look Who Earned our MVP Award!

Ben Vawser


TRU Women’s Self-Defense Workshop

Basic-Self-Defense-And-AwarenessTRU stands for “Trained – Ready – Unafraid.”
What are some of the things you’ll learn? Situational Awareness! Simple, easy, but effective self defense techniques! Defense against weapons! And more… (For ages 13 and up)

WHEN: Friday, November 3rd 
TIME: 6:30pm-8:30pm
PRICE: $35 

“In her seminars, Trina goes over a lot of techniques. She wants us to be situationally aware so we don’t get hurt. If we do find ourselves in trouble, she teaches us how to free ourselves from an attacker’s grip. She shows us the pressure points that hurt like hell and how to bring a predator to their knees by twisting their arm. Above all, she tries to drive home a concept many of us need to hear: We have the right to defend ourselves because we’re worth defending.” ~ C.L. Denault, author

Combat Hapkido National Training Conference

Each year, TM Martial Arts hosts the Combat Hapkido “National Training Conference.” Students and martial artists from across the nation (and beyond) travel to Joliet for this incredible weekend experience.

Grandmaster Pellegrini teaches various advanced techniques throughout the weekend, such as ground survival, weapons disarming, close quarter combat, etc. He is joined by his wife, Master Trina Pellegrini, for a women’s only self-defense workshop.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2017 @10:00AM-4:00PM

***Click Here for Registration Packet!***

Black Friday Sale!

black friday saleWhy wait?! Our Black Friday Sale starts NOW! Ask us how you can knock 20% off your membership tuition! (815) 254-6141

Whether you are a current student or a guest to our studio, we are excited to offer this special discount on tuition, to make training a piece of cake….or should we say pumpkin pie?!

TM Martial Arts Store Now Open!

Proud-Parent-Category-Image-600x600Have you heard the news?! We have partnered with a local apparel company to create an online store! Now you can browse adult, child, proud parent apparel and much more! These items make GREAT holiday gifts for yourself and your loved ones. So, browse through the variety of selections and order your favorites today!

***TM Martial Arts Online Store***

Holiday Ninja Night Out!

christmas-ninjaHey Parents! Do you find yourself needing to do last minute holiday shopping? We’ve got you covered! Drop your kids off at our Ninja Holiday Party, where they will enjoy pizza, games, crafts, a movie, and more! They will have a blast while you enjoy 4 hours to yourselves! Register by December 7 to reserve your child’s spot. (815) 254-6141

Last Chance to Begin Black Belt Training Course at Specially Reduced Rate!

IMG_1003Has your child set their goal to Black Belt? Have they shown commitment to their training? Do you want to see them develop leadership skills, even at a young age? Then call to schedule a progress conference with Ms. Karis and Mr. Alicton. We would be happy to discuss what it takes for students of any belt level to be nominated to start their black belt training! Once your child qualifies and is accepted into the program, they will join the dozens of other students in red uniforms who are enjoying advanced martial arts training, leadership development, membership perks, and so much more! But hurry! Our specially reduced tuition rates expire November 22nd! And you won’t see rates this low again…


WORD OF THE MONTH: “Adversity”




November 1 – 22 – Black Friday Sale!!!

November 2 – Leadership Instructor Trainee Meeting @7:30pm

November 3 & 4 – Combat Hapkido National Training Conference (see event details above)

November 18 – Black Belt Testing @1:00pm

November 23 – 25 – CLOSED for Thanksgiving!

December 9 – Ninja Night Out @5:00pm-9:00pm

December 13 – “Intent to Promote” forms, payment, “Good Habits” sheets due; TKD Students and CHKD Students…make sure to schedule a testing appointment!

December 14 – Demo Team Holiday Party! @7:30pm

December 18 – 22 – Color belt testing for TKD and CHKD (by appointment only)

December 23 – Color belt Promotion (No regular classes)

CHKD (All levels, time TBA)

9:30am – All Little Ninjas/Super Ninjas & Basic level (promoting to Jr. Yellow/Yellow/Hi Yellow belt)

11:00am – Basic level and Level 1 (promoting to Orange belt and above)

12:30pm – Level 2 & Level 3 (All levels)

December 24 – January 1 – No Classes, Limited office hours. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!