Learning Self-Defense Is Difficult, But It Can Save Your Life

Learning Self-Defense Is Difficult, But It Can Save Your Life

Hand blocking punch in learning self-defense is difficult

Learning-self defense involves understanding what a threatening situation might look like. It requires being able to recognize the cues ahead of time, to avoid harm.

There are steps you can take that will help reduce the risk of being attacked. Actions like parking in a well-lit area, carrying yourself with a confident stance, and understanding how to use your voice to ward off an attacker will help you reduce the chances of becoming a target.

Your Self-Defense Plan

Learning self-defense involves establishing a plan for a variety of situations so that you stay mentally prepared ahead of time. When your car breaks down, you call Triple A and visit a mechanic. When your air conditioner goes out in the middle of the summer, the first call is either to your landlord or the HVAC specialist. The best protection from a bad decision is to have a plan ahead of time.

Emotional and mental preparation are both required to learn self-defense. Sport is about winning or losing. Boxing or wrestling is about pitting two seemingly even competitors against each other for entertainment purposes.

There are no rules and no sense of fairness in the face of an attack. Often times an attacker is significantly larger than a competitor. You may not have an opportunity to call for help until it is too late.

The goal is to avoid confrontation because self-defense is about minimizing the risk of harm. If you cannot avoid the attack, the best response is to hit hard, fast, and accurately, in a way that will allow you to run away and seek help. Practicing these techniques on a regular basis can help you stay prepared.

Take The Next Step To Learning Self-Defense

You wouldn’t perform or compete in your favorite sport without practicing. Don’t allow yourself to be caught in a potentially dangerous situation without understanding various protection techniques.

Be prepared. Schedule a free class at TM Martial Arts and learn more about the classes and workshops available to help you learn.