New For Fall 2017 - TM Martial Arts

New For Fall 2017

New for Fall 2017!

Our Little Ninja classes are growing by leaps and bounds! So, we have made some adjustments to the program to accommodate all of our little future black belts. Please take a look at the following new benefits, as they will go into effect Monday, August 28th.


Little Ninja students will have access to any of our three available class times each week. Just take a look at our schedule, and feel free to bring your student to any one or two classes on the list. For example, a 1-day-a-week ninja can attend either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. A 2-day-a-week ninja can attend any combination of Tuesday/Thursday, Tuesday/Saturday, or Thursday/Saturday. It’s your choice! We hope these extra options accommodate your family schedule well.


In class, we will continue to teach the eight life skills that your Little Ninja is accustomed to (Focus, Discipline, Teamwork, Fitness, etc). But your Little Ninja will no longer receive a stripe specific to the skill of the day. Instead, the stripe they will receive at the end of class will be a general participation stripe. They will need 16 participation stripes within each 2-month cycle in order to promote to their next belt. If you miss a class, please call us to schedule a make-up class. That will ensure they have the required number of participation stripes to promote!


If your student is currently a 1-day-a-week Little Ninja (aka: Saturday Ninja), please call Ms. Karis at (815) 254-6141 to find out how your Little Ninja can transition up to the 2-day-a-week program. We believe attending two days per week will help our youngest students retain all the great things they are learning!

We are excited for these great program enhancements! And we will be happy to answer your questions along the way.

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