May Kickin' Newsletter - 2017 - TM Martial Arts

May Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017


Congrats On A Great School Year!

As school wraps up, we want to say CONGRATS on a great school year! Our students have seen tremendous growth both on and off the mats. Parents often tell us how their children have better focus at school and improved behavior at home. And they credit these life skills to their children’s martial arts training!

fitness-kidsWe also want to recognize our martial arts students’ discipline and hard work every week! Whether you are practicing your roundhouse kick or keeping up on your “Good Habits” sheets at home…we are so proud of the discipline you are developing everyday! These skills will carry into every part of your life for years to come. So keep up the great work!

As we jump into summertime, we realize the family calendar will fill up with vacations, graduation parties, BBQs, and more. As busy as it gets, we encourage students to stay diligent with their martial arts training! This will ensure they don’t get behind on their curriculum, forget what they’ve learned so far, or simply lose the motivation to keep working toward their black belt goals.

We’ve got great momentum! Let’s keep these students on track all summer long! As a bonus, you parents will notice their good habits will continue at home, even while on summer vacation! Don’t forget to check out exciting special events below…and some added class times on our summer schedule here. And feel free to call us with any questions. Congrats on a great school year!



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Look Who Joined The TM Martial Arts Family!

Carter Johnson, Marco Zepeda, Gregory Zepeda, Daneli Diaz, Sam White, Conor O’Brien, Jaxin Jones, Emily Arellano

Look Who Joined Black Belt Training !

Joshua Talley, Aiden Lesoing, Matthew Bishop, Javaris Northington, Evan Carver, Brianna Jones


Set Your Goal For Black Belt Training!

worth-itAt TM Martial Arts, we emphasize the importance of setting your goal for black belt! Earning your black belt is a great honor. As you train to black belt and beyond, you will develop amazing life skills such as Discipline, Respect, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, Leadership skills, and more…If you are new to TM Martial Arts, keep showing black belt effort at every class, and your instructor may recommend YOU for black belt training. Our black belt training program is designed to equip you with everything you need to reach your black belt goals!

IMG_1003Leadership Instructor Trainee Program!

Did you know TM Martial Arts offers a formalized Instructor Trainee program for Leadership Club members? Our instructors are always on the lookout for sharp students who demonstrate black belt attitude on and off the mat. Once an instructor recommends a student for the Instructor Trainee Program, that student will have the opportunity to shadow an instructor, learn how to lead their peers in warmups and drills, coach students on technique, and so much more! These advanced leadership skills will serve them well in all future endeavors. Keep showing black belt attitude, and you too may be recommended for our Leadership Instructor Trainee Program!


SPIRIT WEEK 2017 Newsletter

Don’t miss SPIRIT WEEK May 15-19!!!! Attend as many classes as you want! Invite as many friends as you can! Your friends will receive a special gift. And YOU will receive a special stripe on your belt. We’ve got lots of fun activities planned for classes this week…so make sure you come dressed for the theme and ready to have a blast!!!

Special Memorial Day Classes!

clipart_sunPlease note our revised Class Schedule for the weekend of Memorial Day!

Friday, May 26 Normal Class Schedule

Saturday, May 27 8:00am Combat Hapkido, 9:15am Little Ninjas, 10:00am TaeKwonDo (all levels), Studio CLOSES at 11:00am

Monday, May 29 STUDIO CLOSED for Memorial Day

Get Your Summer T-shirts!

The weather is warming up! Beginning June 1st, students have the option of wearing a program specific TM Martial Arts t-shirt to class, along with their pants and belt. We will have these t-shirts available for purchase at the reception desk in May. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call (815) 254-6141