Let's Talk About Memory! - TM Martial Arts

Let’s Talk About Memory!

Let’s talk about memory!

The weather is warming up, finally! And families are beginning to plan their calendar for warm weather activities.

We are so glad you have chosen TM Martial Arts as part of your child’s weekly activity. As you know, the benefits of martial arts are countless!

Physical coordination, balance, and control will serve them well as their little bodies grow.

Focus, discipline, and MEMORY will keep their minds sharp as they absorb the world around them.

The benefits of martial arts are not discovered immediately. They emerge over time as students work to master new skills. So, we hope you encourage your Little Ninjas to shoot for long term training. Many of our advanced students began as Little Ninjas, just like your child. It’s so impressive to see how they have grown over the years!

Memory: the power or process of remembering

Developing a good memory is exercise for your child’s brain. The sooner your child exercises this skill, the quicker and smarter he or she will be. Our instructors lead Little Ninja students in drills that constantly challenge your child to think and make smart decisions.

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