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Conflict Resolution Through the Martial Arts

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The martial arts, when taught properly, focus on mindfulness, self-esteem, and discipline.

They help you build character, and develop a stronger sense of self while improving your physical condition. The martial arts teach the physical techniques to help you should a threatening situation arise – but those physical techniques are meant as a last resort.

Mindfulness, self-esteem, and discipline can all help someone avoid physical confrontation in the midst of conflict. They can help you see an alternative way out of a potentially threatening situation. Good discipline can help you from becoming the aggressor, or escalating any situation, knowingly or unknowingly.

Improving mindfulness can help you consider the wellbeing of others, and help you feel less threatened. With mindfulness, you are less likely to react in any situation out of anger or fear.

Developing Discipline

Martial arts students of any age learn the art of discipline and respect their classmates as well as their teacher. These are attributes that can be developed, and applied in areas of life outside the dojo as well. In short – these are the attributes that can teach you to become a more tolerant person.

With improved mindfulness, you won’t get caught up in the emotions and complexities of a given situation. You remain aware of your surroundings, and you are able to experience the situation through non-attachment, and without judgment.

Strong mindfulness can help you recognize and read non-verbal cues. It can help you remain calm and focused in an otherwise tense situation. It will help the ability to think clearly, as you experience intense emotions.

These ideas can help you diffuse a potential conflict before any type of physical confrontation is necessary. The martial arts are an excellent vehicle for learning mindfulness, and how to resolve conflict in any situation.

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