April Kickin' Newsletter - 2017 - TM Martial Arts

April Kickin’ Newsletter – 2017

SpotlightLeaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made!

At TM Martial Arts, we focus on developing leadership skills among students of every age. We know that leadership skills impact every area of life, helping kids stay immune to negative peer pressure, enabling students to accomplish academic and/or athletic goals, even equipping adults to excel in the workplace. But it all starts with intentional leadership training. And that’s what our program delivers at TM Martial Arts!

One of our TaeKwonDo students has seen tremendous growth this past year! He has developed so much confidence and determination, that when it came time for him to stand up to the bullying, he had the strength to be a leader! IMG_9669It’s hard to believe that last year this same kid was struggling so deeply with shyness that his mom reached out to us for help. Check out the email she had sent to us back in January of 2016…

“I am hoping you can relay a message to Master Harrison or one of the instructors. Could someone please talk to Nate and help him use his loud, strong voice. I realized yesterday the extent of him getting picked on at schoolCould someone please talk to Nate about what he could say & how to assert himself? He has so much respect for all of the instructors that I think a little pep talk from them would greatly help him & give him the confidence to stand up to this kid.” 

Nate has been working his way through the TaeKwonDo curriculum this past year, learning self-defense techniques, practicing using his voice, and setting an example for lower belt students on the mats. It has developed the confidence and poise his parents had hoped for. Last week we received a follow up email from Nate’s mom…

“I am going to warn you, this is bragging mom email.

Nate’s best buddy, (who has come to TM as Nate’s guest a couple of times) fell on Presidents’ Day off playground equipment & got a really bad concussion. He hasn’t been able to go to school, it affected him cognitively & gross motor. He gets dizzy & can not keep his balance to walk distance. He can’t focus to read or write.  He was hurt really bad. Of course kids hear a little of the story or only focus on one tidbit & then things get out of hand & rumors start. Kids were saying he is paralyzed, he’s cross eyed, just some hurtful things.

This really upset Nate… And today at school he got up in front of his whole class & told them to stop. Now if you remember Nate from when he first started TM, he wouldn’t even look at someone or talk to them because he was sooooooo shy. I know his feelings of compassion are part of his personality but to have the self confidence & bravery to stand up in front of his peers & tell them they are wrong comes from you guys.  For him to know he has to stand up and defend someone who can’t defend themselves-he learned from you guys. Your program is so much more than just an extracurricular activity. All the instructors have taught Nate to be brave & have given him the self confidence to know he can stand up for himself. You challenge him to try things & at the same time make him feel like he can do it. Master Harrison, you have especially taught him to use his voice.”

This month, we recognize Nate as Student Of The Month, for having the confidence and the bravery to stand up and do what is right, even when he was the only one! Is developing leadership skills something you value for your family? For more information and to schedule your family’s FREE introductory session, click here!



Look Who Joined The TM Martial Arts Family!

Jordan Moore, Matthew Solis, Owen Meyer, Ryder Bell, Chad Scott, Mary Scott, Addison Scott, Brayden Rodriguez, Dalton Quesada, Abigail Watts, David Zaragoza, Zac Jenkins, Aiden Lesoing, Mikey Russell, Leland Sode

Look Who Joined A Black Belt Training Program!

Yurem Zarco, Jace Hutchins, and Aidan Watkins, Raymond Moeller, Wil Moeller, Anna Moeller, and (Xaviery) Zion Aplaon


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Set Your Goal For Black Belt Training!

headed-for-blackAt TM Martial Arts, we emphasize the importance of setting your goal for black belt! Earning your black belt is a great honor. As you train to black belt and beyond, you will develop amazing life skills such as Discipline, Respect, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, Leadership skills, and more… If you are new to TM Martial Arts, keep showing black belt effort at every class, and your instructor may recommend YOU for black belt training. Our black belt training program is designed to equip you with everything you need to reach your black belt goals!

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